Saturday, April 13, 2013

Last night was our talent show at church.  We were involved with the entire event, so didn't have a lot of time to do too much.  While Better-Half and I were working on the pre-program stuff, Son threw some treats together on a table and managed to take a couple photos, but not of everything.  Here's some chocolate mini muffins with pics he and I had made. We decided butterflies would be nice, even though we continue to get more snow each day.  :-)

Here's some marshmallow pops and splattered Oreo's he threw together for us too. Wish we had had more time, but
oh well.  :-)  I am just grateful for his help and effort and willingness!

For the program, Better-Half and I were asked to be M.C.'s---no picture available of that. 
But Son asked me to be his sidekick again for his Wayne Brady "Let's Make a Deal" contest for his part of the talent show.
That's my niece in the middle, our first contestant! :-)

Son wanted me to whisper his lines to him, if he forgot.  He really likes to follow the script, and try to sound like Wayne!
Not bad for someone with autism, huh? Who would have ever thought he would get up in front of people and show his humorous side?  I loved every minute of it with him!  I think the audience did too.  And all the contestants missed their Zonks!  Yeah!

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