Thursday, April 4, 2013

During Easter Week, we were lucky enough to have an afternoon
with my sister and my niece.
It was the only chance that either of us would have to color eggs,
so Gramps let us use his kitchen,
as long as we brought lunch and treats for him too.  :-)

Niece really has become good with details.
We were talking about how much fun and
how much work it would be to
have a catering business together!  :-)

We made "nested" Oreos, white chocolate chow mein noodle
birds nest with malted milk eggs
 and Niece did some more d├ęcor on more Spring Oreo's.

And that's her marshmallow pops in background! 
This is basically the same things we made
last week at one of the churches, which we posted below,
except this time Niece worked with us
and she made things cuter than we probably did.  :-)

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