Thursday, December 20, 2012


Last night, Drew and I did a simple
Christmas Treats Table at one of the churches.
Simple is the key word as we're usually
making supper for 110 people of all ages.
We only do special dessert tables 
about once a month or for holidays.
It's a lot of work,
but we are blessed to have this job.
I am blessed to work with Drew. 
He's becoming really great at this stuff. 
For the supper last night...
not shown here...
we made Italian Beef, Pulled Pork and
Rotisserie-Flavored Chicken Sandwiches.
Drew made 5-Cheese Mac-n-Cheese and
we also baked Tator Tots
for those who can't eat cheese.
We had our garden salad,
fruits and veggies as usual.
Recipes will be posted on the other blog. 
Below, we have details on the
shopping info if you are interested.

JOY napkins and HO HO HO
tissue paper are from Target.
Large and small cupcake liners are all Wilton Brand
from Walmart, Michael's or Amazon.
Baking cups and Washi tape all from
We make our own cupcake picks. 
This time we used two Martha Stewart punches,
a snowflake one and a Christmas ornament one.
I can't recall where we got the larger punch from,
but the paper and the cardstock is all from
Walmart, Target, Archiver's or Michael's.

We used the polka dot washi tape
to make flags with toothpicks for the
mini cupcakes picks on the right, above.
More info under the pictures below.

Drew frosted small and large cupcakes with
Pillsbury White and Green frosting in the can.

There are many food allergies at the church. 
We can NOT use tree nuts
or peanut butter in anything. It's too risky.
We always serve something healthy or milk-free,
like the OLD DUTCH plain popcorn
in these baking cups and
these wrapped little boxes of raisins in holiday paper.
We ran out of time, so we did not get
all of the bows finished for the raisin "presents".

Below, you may notice Rolos's and then in pictures above, Hershey Kisses with stickers on the bottom.
We made our own with a 3/4 inch circle punch,
from and then used
Scotch Brand Adhesive Dot Roller
to adhere the circles to the bottom.
Paper is from Michael's.
Merry CHRISTmas Everyone!

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