Monday, December 3, 2012

This past weekend, we did our women's Christmas Brunch.  It was great to work with some of my favorite young people.  We were asked to make egg bakes and Christmas treats.
We were also asked to keep it simple and easy to clean up.  Our family also had a car club Christmas Banquet to attend following the women's brunch, so we had to leave right away.  I also wanted my favorite young people to make things their way too.

How about yogurt, pudding, cheesecake parfaits with raspberry or strawberry pie filling?

Green Mint Oreo's with our added frosting and sprinkles on top and      
large Christmas Cornflake wreaths!

Decorated Fudge-Covered Ritz.

Chocolate Coated Candy-Cane Oreo's with sprinkles and donut hole pops!
Egg Bakes and Pancake Muffins.  Recipes on our other blog!

Patt brought her magic punch recipe and supplies!  YUM!!!  I couldn't get enough of this!
It was actually a warm day outside and with the ovens going strong, we really needed this!!!

Thanks guys for all your work and fun times!
I appreciate you!

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